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My Zip Code Farm Homeowner E-mail and Data Marketing System!

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Your Target Data Updated Monthly

My Zip Code Farm is a monthly service which brings millions of residential property records to your door step each and every month … AUTOMATICALLY. No need to subscribe to various lead sources, we do it all AUTOMATICALLY. Each month we will AUTOMATICALLY upload the following types of target leads to your personal online data folder:


ALSO*** Each Zip Code Farm allows you to send out a marketing flyer to all homeowners with email addresses in subscribed zip code. All our homeowners are double opted-in and have been scrubbed through the do not email list. Through our E-Mail marketing platform local business owners and real estate professionals alike have the ability to ‘Target Homeowners’ in a specific zip code, via email, to grow their business.


One (1) E-mail campaign per month

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Business Owner to provide publisher, original flyer, or use our Monthly Realty Times Newsletter.

Exclusivity option

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For a one time unrefundable fee starting at $399.00, you may retain Exclusive Rights to a Zip Code! That means nobody else will be able to market to your zip code! Send out two flyers per month!

In addition to email homeowners, each month you will receive:

  • NOD’s, NTD’s and REO’s

Monthly Updates: Files will updated first week of each month, no later than the 10th of each month.

  • Imagine 117,000 receiver friendly Homeowner E-mails going into your farm every year!
  • Imagine an entire zip code as a farm!
  • Imagine a farm with 12,000 households instead of a complex of 260 homes!
  • Imagine what has never been imagined before in real estate!
  • Imagine your success… then achieve it!
* 2008 report by Direct Marketing Association
*Some restrictions apply see ‘Get Started’ for details. Account billed monthly to credit card on file. Term is month-to-month (30 day prior cancellation notice in writing)

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