What is My Zip Code Farm

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Your Target Data Updated Monthly
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My Zip Code Farm is a monthly service which brings millions of residential property records to your door step each and every
month … AUTOMATICALLY.  No need to subscribe to various lead sources, we do it all AUTOMATICALLY.  

Each month we will AUTOMATICALLY upload the following types of target leads to your personal online data folder:


ALSO*** Each Zip Code Farm allows you to send out a marketing flyer to all homeowners with email addresses in subscribed
 zip code.  All our homeowners are double opted-in and have been scrubbed through the do not email list.

Through our E-Mail marketing platform real estate professionals have the ability to ‘Target Homeowners’ in a specific zip code, via email, to grow their business.

Did You Know the Difference Between … Demographic vs Niche Marketing?

I was talking to a client recently about targeting their marketing efforts. I realized that many business owners and /or real estate professionals have the same problem. That is, they focus their marketing efforts on a demographic rather than a niche.

Typically, a niche is a group of people who all share the same problem i.e. foreclosure.  A demographic is a larger group of people that may have different needs, wants and concerns. For instance, homeowners would be a demographic. As a homeowner, you may have concerns about the health of your lawn while another homeowner may have worries about roof leaks. For this reason, you should not market to the entire demographic of “homeowners”.

When I explained this to the client, it was like a light bulb moment for her. She had spent years of time and thousands of marketing dollars on demographic marketing. It suddenly made complete sense as to why she was not recouping her monthly advertising budget.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to flip through the Yellow Pages and realize that most people think demographic marketing works. But, when a business owner finally realizes that targeting a specific niche is more profitable, the floodgates open up.

Some professionals think that laser targeting a niche means that they will make less income. The opposite is actually true. When you target a demographic, you’re just throwing things up against the wall to see what sticks. When you target a niche, you focus on the needs of the people within that niche. Every advertising piece and marketing promotion that you do has its ultimate goal in solving the problem the consumer has.

So what do you do with this information? You have to sit down and look at the demographic you’ve been targeting. Figure out what your business offers to a niche within your demographic. You can certainly target more than one niche, but your marketing promotions should be completely separate for each one.

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